Her Brother Had A Terrifying Encounter With A Ghost Rattling Chains At Their Grandmother’s House

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When this woman’s brother was 16, he lived in a house their grandma owned, which had previously been abandoned. He enjoyed living alone, but he had a lot of creepy experiences while living there. One night, her brother was playing video games while sitting in bed.

Suddenly, his dog began aggressively growling, foaming at the mouth, and staring at the screen door that led to the backyard. No matter what her brother did, he couldn’t get his dog to relax. He knew something was wrong, so he looked in the backyard to see what his dog was growling at.

“He saw what he described as a tall man in a suit standing in the beat-up shed across the yard. He heard chains rattling. We had no chains in that yard,” she said.

Terrified, he raced into the house and locked the back door behind him. Eventually, his dog relaxed, so he returned to his video games. Out of nowhere, the TV turned off by itself. He turned it back on, but it turned off again.

A moment later, his dog began growling again. After that, their grandma called her brother’s name, and it sounded like her voice was coming from the living room. However, their grandma wasn’t in the house at the time. He was home alone.

“My brother left his room to check the back window once more, and when he did, the man was standing right in front of him,” she explained.

Overcome with fear, her brother immediately ran out of the house and walked toward the back of the nearest road, which was close to a wooded area. During his walk, he heard a voice tell him to go in a particular direction opposite of the direction in which he was walking at the time, so he obeyed and switched directions.

While continuing to walk down the road, the voice once again told him where to go. Then, he stopped walking to call their mom for a ride. As he waited, he stood under a neighbor’s magnolia tree, and he finally felt calm.

When their mom picked him up and drove him back to their grandma’s house, she didn’t believe his story. She’d brought over wet clothing because the dryer at her house had recently broken. Her brother didn’t want to go into the house, so he waited in their mom’s car while she brought in the clothes to put in the dryer. Not long after their mom had gone inside, she came racing out to the car.

PicsArt – – illustrative purposes only

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