Her Coworker Started Crushing On Her Husband And Actually Texted Him Behind Her Back, So Now She Wants To Report Her Coworker To HR - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Three months ago, this 35-year-old woman started a new job. Yesterday, the company she works for had an end-of-year inventory day. It was requested that she invite a friend to come in and assist, so all of her co-workers invited their husbands, wives, boyfriends, and adult children.

She invited her husband, 36, to come along. All the people brought into the company to help were compensated for their work and paid higher than the minimum wage. They all enjoyed pizza together for lunch, too.

One of her co-workers, 34, didn’t invite anyone to accompany her, but she assisted all the pairs during the day. The inventory went smoothly and was almost flawless, and the team received recognition for their fantastic work.

The following day, she arrived at work at 8 a.m. Only four minutes into her shift, the co-worker who didn’t invite anyone to assist with inventory approached her to find out if her husband had an available brother.

“She asked if he had a brother who specifically ‘looks exactly like him.’ I said no and that he only has a sister,” she said.

For some reason, her co-worker was disappointed by this, telling her that it was “‘a shame.'” In response, she questioned why her co-worker wanted to find a man who looked like her husband, even asking her bluntly if she had romantic feelings for her husband. Instead of giving a direct answer, her co-worker giggled like a little girl.

Luckily, she’s not an envious person in the least, so she wasn’t bothered by her co-worker’s questions and strange behavior. She acknowledged that her husband is good-looking, and she’s aware of the fact that she is as well, and they both are accomplished.

In addition, her husband is funny and sweet, and has the ability to make anyone around him feel validated and significant. These qualities all contributed to why she wanted to marry him. Rather than feeling annoyed or uncomfortable about her co-worker’s feelings for her husband, she thought it was adorable.

For the rest of the workday, her co-worker proceeded to talk about her husband whenever she had the chance, but this still didn’t bother her because she knew that her husband probably wouldn’t come back to the office, so her co-worker wouldn’t see him again anyway, besides maybe for inventory next year. So, she assumed that her co-worker had a harmless infatuation with her husband that wouldn’t last more than a week. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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