Her Date Gave Her The Biggest Ick By Showing Up In A Tight Suit Jacket With A Dirty Car, And Then He Started Asking Her What Her Wine Preferences Were Before They Got To The Restaurant

DusanJelicic - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

In some cases, getting the ick toward someone you’re romantically involved with is completely warranted.

The ick is a gut reaction that should not be ignored since it might be your body’s way of alerting you to red flags that your brain hasn’t picked up on yet.

However, this feeling should not be completely guiding your dating decisions. When you’ve caught the ick, it’s best to evaluate the relationship and reflect on what the feeling really means.

Ending a relationship because of an ick may cause you to miss out on something truly great. TikToker Billie Rae Brandt (@billieraebrandt) is talking about how she is happily in a relationship with the man who gave her the biggest ick on their first date, proving that the ick does not always spell trouble.

For their first date, they agreed that she would meet him at his place first so he could drive them both to the dinner reservations he had made.

When she pulled up in front of his house, a large man stepped outside, wearing a maroon suit jacket that was several sizes too small for him.

Then, he proceeded to drive her to the restaurant in a car that was in dire need of a deep cleaning.

Before they had even arrived at the restaurant, he was already asking her about her wine preferences, saying that they could talk to their server about the different flavor profiles of wine.

With the too-tight jacket, the dirty car, and the talk of wine, he already had three strikes against him, causing her to develop the biggest ick.

DusanJelicic – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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