Her Family Is Calling Her Greedy After She And Her Husband Lied About Buying A Lake House

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Several years ago, this woman and her husband mentioned to their loved ones that they intended to purchase a lake house located in the country.

Where they live, it’s popular to have an apartment, and so their families were thrilled that they would be getting some more space.

Her mom instantly stated that she wanted to build a vegetable garden in the yard of the lake house. Meanwhile, her husband’s sister piped up and said it would be a lovely location to bring her children to for the summer.

“My sister started fantasizing about family picnics,” she explained. “My husband’s brother “joked” that it would be a good place to get drunk on weekends.”

“We were both terrified. We didn’t want any of this. We wanted to have a place where we could feel truly at home. Where we can rest.”

“Where we can arrange everything to [our] taste. Where there will be peace and quiet and not family squabbles. Where we can raise our future children.”

She and her husband chose to tell their families that the deal on the lake house fell through and they wouldn’t be purchasing it.

They were the only people supposed to be living there, and they wanted to exclude their family after they tried to impose.

She and her husband didn’t lie to their best friends, who knew they actually bought the house but figured their secret was safe with them.

FollowTheFlow – – illustrative purposes only

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