Her In-Laws Are Mad That She Humiliated Her Brother-In-Law By Telling Her Friend He Cheated On His Wife Who Had Cancer And Then Got Dumped By His Mistress

Hugo Félix - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

When you set a friend or relative up with someone, you’re usually totally transparent about the person’s history and personality. This is so you can prepare that person for who they’re about to meet, and they’ll be able to decide whether or not they want to be with them.

One woman’s brother-in-law recently asked her to set him up with her friend, but when her friend learned the truth about his relationship history, things went downhill.

She’s married and has a 38-year-old brother-in-law named Chris. Chris is single and has been asking her to set him up with some of her girlfriends. 

Chris has been single for three years since his late wife, Lily, passed away from cancer. Chris isn’t the easiest guy to set up with people, as his love life has been messy. Even though he was married, he cheated on Lily while she was sick and then was dumped by his mistress.

She has tried not to give into Chris’ antics and doesn’t want to set him up with her friends, but he’s been especially persistent with one of them, her friend Grace. Because she wanted to protect her friends from Chris, she had updated them on his tumultuous love life.

“Grace is not interested in him due to his inability to be faithful, and she wasn’t physically attracted to him,” she explained.

“He tried to flirtatiously engage with her during a small party my husband and I had last Saturday. During the party, Grace had grown frustrated with his incessant flirting. At some point, she told him she found him physically ugly and that his physical ugliness is only surpassed by the ugliness of his character.”

Grace had taken the time to privately give Chris this brutal honesty in another room so that no other guests could hear it. Chris left the party, and she and her husband didn’t hear anything about his brutal encounter with Grace until the next morning.

That morning, her mother and father-in-law called to scold her and her husband for embarrassing Chris. She was confused about how Grace rejecting Chris could’ve been her fault, so while her husband argued back and forth with his parents on the phone, she decided to view her home’s security footage from the party.

Hugo Félix – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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