Her In-Laws Are Mad That She Humiliated Her Brother-In-Law By Telling Her Friend He Cheated On His Wife Who Had Cancer And Then Got Dumped By His Mistress

She found footage from when Grace confronted Chris and realized the interaction was so much more intense than she had thought.

Grace roasted Chris over his past behavior and relationship history and told him what he needed to improve to become a more desirable man.

“My in-laws and Chris feel that I shouldn’t have told my friends what Chris did because he’s now perceived by my girlfriends as a terrible person,” she said.

“I told them he was, unfortunately, a terrible person, and people would’ve found out what happened between him and the late, great Lily.”

Should she feel bad for warning her friends about Chris, or was it the right thing to do?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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