Her Fiancé Flaunted His Wealth In Front Of Their Friends And Claimed She Wouldn’t Have Nice Things Without Him, So She Said She Didn’t Need Him Or His Money

A few weeks ago, he purchased a Gucci handbag for her, even though he knew this bag wasn’t her style.

When he gave her the bag, she thanked him and acted grateful, but she was upset that he never listened when she said these types of items weren’t what she liked.

Every time she suggests gift ideas that she’d appreciate, he complains that the items she wanted were too cheap or not flashy enough.

Her interests include painting, drawing, and reading. She doesn’t pay attention to fashion trends. It’s disappointing that rather than buying her something she’d love, like a book or canvas, he bought her a Gucci bag he knew she wouldn’t have wanted in the first place.

She is annoyed because she thinks he buys her luxury items so that she can improve “his image.” Her fiancé hasn’t outright told her this; all he says is that he enjoys spoiling her with gifts now that he can afford to, reminding her that she met him when he was broke and couldn’t buy her gifts.

A couple of weeks ago, she and her fiancé got together with his friend, James, and James’s girlfriend, Naomi. She and James have a lot in common and have good conversations, but Naomi resembles her fiancé.

“Naomi’s definitely big on appearance and money and gives James a super hard time constantly for not providing a better life for them (she doesn’t work). James is more laid back,” she explained.

James has a cute home and a couple of vehicles, but nothing flashy, and he’s content with his lifestyle the way it is.

Money was brought up while they were talking because Naomi complained that James didn’t earn a high enough salary.

This was when her fiancé began bragging about his wealth. Later, he suggested getting James a job at his company, but James rejected the idea.

“He commented, ‘Yeah, my lady wouldn’t have nice things if it weren’t for me.’ So, I asked what he meant by that, and he said, ‘Well, we know you won’t spend money on yourself for whatever reason, so you definitely wouldn’t have nice things if I didn’t like them. Like, look at this Gucci bag. You need me to get your stuff, or you would just never have anything,'” she shared.

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