Her Fiancé Is Financially Draining Her, And She Doesn’t Want To Marry Him Until He Makes A Change

He just thinks that, oh well, too bad, this is simply how their life is together. She has suggested that they attend therapy in an effort to come to some sort of compromise, but he feels that’s a waste of their money, and he won’t go until they’re married.

Her problem is that she will not marry him until he makes a real change in a meaningful way. So, they’re at a stalemate, and they have since postponed their wedding.

She’s sick and tired of watching her fiancé flush money down the drain. He always has to get his hands on the latest and greatest gadgets, and he pours a lot of money into his various hobbies.

The newest thing he wants is some kind of gaming computer that costs thousands of dollars, which she finds crazy.

“I feel ridiculous that I’m covering $1,500 in rent that he won’t help with because he’s broke, but he’s continuing to look at those,” she concluded.

She’s left wondering if she’s being too sensitive about the money thing.

What do you think?

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