Her Fiancé Keeps Pressuring Her To Send Her Daughter To Boarding School And Blaming Her For “Depriving” Her Daughter Of A Good Experience

In his view, her daughter would have more experiences that she couldn’t have in a small town, and she’d have a better-quality education, so he thinks it would greatly benefit her daughter.

“He says my daughter will eventually like it and wants me to force her to go, and is even offering to pay for it,” she explained.

She rejected his offer, explaining that her daughter didn’t need to attend boarding school because their small town had tons of fun things to do and a reputable school system.

If her daughter told her she wanted to go to boarding school, she would have thought it over, but since her daughter doesn’t want to go in the first place, she doesn’t think it would be a good decision to send her against her will.

“My fiancé says that ‘I’m depriving my daughter of a good experience,’ and he’s now quite mad at me,'” she shared.

Throughout the rest of her daughter’s schooling in town, there will be plenty of worthwhile experiences for her to take advantage of, and she’s planning for her daughter to attend college in Stockholm. However, she doesn’t think she needs to send her daughter to boarding school.

What advice would you give her?

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