Her Financially Irresponsible Parents Asked For $11,000 So They Could Pay Their Property Taxes And Save Their House

Her dad’s bank cards kept getting declined, and as they were on the phone, he was told he needed to pay an additional $5,000 for another one of the properties.

So, her parents needed $11,000 total, and it felt like she was the only option to save them from losing all their properties. 

“I felt like I was being robbed at gunpoint,” she recalled.

“I had no time to even think about the decision. I am so anxious about having this amount of money on my credit cards.”

After paying her parents’ taxes and putting the charges on her credit card, she couldn’t help but feel incredibly disappointed in them.

She’s been trying to get her mom to sell the unnecessary properties for years, especially because she doesn’t work. However, neither of her parents would follow her advice.

“I just realized that because I have made myself successful, they see me as a financial backup plan for their poor financial decisions,” she added.

“Even if they pay me back, I never want this to happen again. How can I set a boundary with them?”

How can she set a firm boundary with her parents and get them to pay her back at a reasonable time?

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