Her Husband Called Her Ungrateful When She Noticed The Gucci Bag He Bought Her As A Push Present Was A Fake

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Ever since this woman met her husband, he has always gifted her very pricey and lavish things. He has a job that pays him handsomely, and he likes to spend his money on her.

As the years wore on, she told her husband he didn’t need to keep getting her expensive gifts, as they had to pay for things like their mortgage or everyday bills.

Now, a couple of weeks back, they had their son, and a few days prior to her giving birth, her husband bought her a push present.

“It was a huge Gucci bag, and inside was a Gucci tote bag,” she explained. “It was a very lovely bag.”

“He said the reason why he got me that huge Gucci tote bag was because I would need a big bag to carry around so that I can put the baby’s things inside when I travel with him.”

“I gave my husband a huge hug, and I thanked him. The gift to me was too much but he kept insisting that he appreciates me and is excited for this journey we will both experience. And that he saw how miserable I was mentally and emotionally during my pregnancy.”

A day after her husband presented her with the Gucci bag, she pulled it out of the box while he was away at work.

She then took the bag and put it up on a shelf where she keeps her collection of other luxury handbags.

But as she held the bag in her hands, she suspected something was wrong with it. The material wasn’t the same as her other designer bags.

agcreativelab – – illustrative purposes only

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