Her Husband Called Her Ungrateful When She Noticed The Gucci Bag He Bought Her As A Push Present Was A Fake

The bag’s handles also felt like they were of awful quality, and the inside of the bag looked odd to her as well. Then she noticed the bag smelled weird like it was not made of leather.

“I quickly went to the Gucci website and looked for the bag,” she said. “The bag is on there, but as I compared both bags, I came to the conclusion that the bag was fake.”

“I still tried to give him the benefit of the doubt by looking for an older version, but everything still points to the bag being fake. I began to wonder why he would buy me a fake bag. He didn’t have to get me anything expensive, I made that very clear to him many times.”

When her husband got home from work that evening, she questioned him about where he purchased the bag.

Initially, he told her he bought it from the Gucci store directly. She kept pressing him, as she knew that couldn’t be true.

Eventually, her husband caved and admitted he bought the back online through a website not associated with the luxury brand.

Her husband mentioned he bought the bag for a steal, and she pointed out the bag was entirely fake, so he should try to get a refund on it. Her husband got mad at her and said the website he purchased the bag from had authenticated it, so it wasn’t cool for her to call it a fake.

“I showed him the pictures, and he just [got] even more mad and called me ungrateful,” she continued.

“I even compared it to another Gucci bag that I have and showed him how the material is different. I also explained to him that if he paid a lot of money for the bag thinking it was real then he got scammed and should get a refund. He paused for a second and took the bag. He keeps calling me ungrateful.”

She’s left wondering if it was wrong of her to tell her husband the bag is clearly fake. What do you think?

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