Her Husband Freaked Out When She Told Him About Her Pregnancy, And She’s Confused Since They Were Planning This Baby For Months

As this was all going down, she told her husband that she was truly sorry if he felt as if she said something problematic to him.

She thought that changing the conversation’s tone might help calm him down, and she then explained to him that she was a bit unsettled herself about the pregnancy and was soaking in the news.

Instead of sympathizing with her, what she said only furthered served to infuriate her husband.

Her husband said something about no longer wanting to be with her before walking right out the door.

He has not returned home since his blowup, and she is absolutely shocked. Her husband has never acted like this before, and she’s trying to figure out why he’s being like this.

“I am thinking maybe it is nerves or anxiety hitting him, but he has never reacted this way, so I feel like it will be hard to move past this because I thought we were more open and honest with each other about everything,” she said.

Her husband was also the one who really pushed her to start a family, as she was happy and content without adding children to their lives.

She’s left wondering if there is any way to save her marriage after her husband’s strange reaction to the news that they’re going to be parents.

What advice do you have for her?

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