Her Husband Has Been Pushing Her To Sleep With Other Guys, So She’s Divorcing Him, But Now He’s Begging Her Not To Leave

zinkevych - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For years now, this 41-year-old woman’s 43-year-old husband has been pushing her to sleep with other guys.

She was not interested in doing this at all, so she and her husband attended marriage counseling together to work through this.

She also tried individual therapy as well, and she felt an enormous amount of bewilderment and sadness knowing her husband wanted her to engage in this kind of behavior.

It really did damage their marriage, knowing this was something her husband wanted her to do, and eventually, he promised to stop asking her for this.

However, her husband didn’t stick to his word, and he continuously brought it up. He even went so far as to say she should sleep with people they know in real life, like a friend who was visiting or a swim coach.

She describes her husband as “relentless” in this bizarre pursuit, and she did her very best to stay with her husband, as they have children together.

She came to realize she and her husband were just no longer compatible, and they got into awful arguments about what he said to her.

He would also call her ugly names and say that he isn’t interested in remaining in a marriage that’s completely basic and bland.

She thought there were only two ways for her to deal with her husband: continue to deflect his demands that she sleep with other men for the next 10 years until all her kids attend college or leave her husband.

zinkevych – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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