Her Husband Nearly Destroyed Their Marriage For Another Woman, And She Just Found Messages Between Them Saying They Love Each Other

Ever since, her marriage has been going great, and things between her and her husband are better than they have ever been.

“At least I thought it was,” she said. “I cut contact with the guy I had a fling with because that’s what he wanted (understandably).”

“He knows how I felt about M; it had been a conversation we had before several times, and I hadn’t heard or seen anything about her in a while I assumed they no longer had contact. Well, I was wrong because I found messages between them on his Apple watch a month or so ago.”

Her husband had muted all of the messages between him and M, and while many of the messages seemed pretty innocent to her, she came across a screenshot M sent her husband of her love language test results.

It honestly hurt her to realize her husband couldn’t let go of this woman.

She later confronted her husband about the messages, and he said he was thinking of cutting off all contact with M.

However, her husband clearly had never stopped speaking to M, and she knew he was lying to her face about no longer wanting M in his life.

Then two weeks ago, her husband went away for a work trip to another state, and he called her every single night.

He was super sweet and said he missed her, and she was touched by that. After he came home from his work trip, she had a strange feeling to look through his messages, and she saw that her husband had been talking to M the entire time he was away.

“He FaceTimed with her multiple times, told her he loved her very much, and he misses her,” she added.

“He tells her that this is their goodbye and that he knows he needs to respect me, but he doesn’t want this kind of space from her. She tells him that no matter how much time and space between them, they will always find a way to reconnect and that this goodbye isn’t forever, just “for now.”

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