Her Husband Nearly Destroyed Their Marriage For Another Woman, And She Just Found Messages Between Them Saying They Love Each Other

“They say that maybe one day I’ll realize that “it’s not like that” between them, and they’ll be able to reconnect. There’s even a message where he calls her good-looking and says it was crazy to see the scars on her legs. I already confronted him about it, but I still feel so heartbroken, and the biggest thing about it is that he didn’t apologize once for any of it.”

She pointed out to her husband that he was aware doing this would cause her pain, yet he kept on speaking to M regardless of her feelings.

She asked her husband how he would feel if the tables were turned, and she had been sending those kinds of messages to A, the guy she dated when they had been separated.

Her husband replied that he would be done with her if that was the case. She simply stared at her husband, not having anything to say back to that, and the conversation ended.

In light of all this, she feels as if her husband does not actually love her at all and is simply pretending to.

“He’s nice to me and hugs and kisses me and everything it all feels so genuine,” she continued. “But it hurts now.”

“Every nice little thing he does for me aches because all I can think about is how he told another girl that he loves her.”

What advice do you have for her?

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