Her Sister-In-Law Chose A Bridesmaid Dress Knowing It Didn’t Fit Her, So She Changed It And Got Photoshopped Out Of The Wedding Photos

Infusorian - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Recently, this 25-year-old woman’s brother, 23, and her sister-in-law, also 23, married, and she thinks they’re both compatible and wonderful together. They got engaged at Disney World, and once they broke the news to everyone, they immediately started wedding planning. Her sister-in-law’s mother gifted her $20,000 for the wedding, which allowed her to purchase the bridesmaid dresses she preferred.

“She asked her four best friends and me to be her bridesmaids and presented the dress options to me because I was the biggest, and she wanted to make sure they fit,” she said.

The two dresses were different colors, one light and one dark, and they were the same brand, size, and style. While the lighter dress fit her comfortably, the darker dress was too tight-fitting and short.

She thought there had been a mistake with the sizing, and her sister-in-law, who agreed when she saw it that it was way too revealing and not a good fit, told her that this was the largest size available in this particular dress. They both knew that this dress wasn’t an option for her and after she changed, her sister-in-law hung up the dresses.

She always tried on the lighter dress during fittings. Evidently, her sister-in-law forgot that the darker dress didn’t fit her because this was the bridesmaid’s dress that she had chosen for everyone to wear, and she had made this decision only a week before the wedding.

Her sister-in-law’s mother scheduled a last-minute appointment for her to be fitted for the darker dress. She and the seamstress panicked when she tried the dress on because even though she’d lost five pounds, she’d gained cleavage. The babydoll-style dress was even shorter than it had been before, now stopping a couple of inches past her hips.

“The fabric didn’t have any extra to let out seams, and the only thing we could do was replace the straps to make them a couple of inches longer. The chest puckered so much that we sewed the slip part of the dress to the outer fabric to make it less noticeable,” she explained.

At the end of the fitting, her seamstress advised her to wear shorts underneath the dress because there wasn’t anything else she could do to alter the length. She informed her sister-in-law about the state of the dress, and her sister-in-law claimed that it probably wasn’t as awful as she was describing, adding that she needed to just suck it up.

When she expressed that she didn’t feel comfortable standing up at the wedding anymore, her sister-in-law freaked out, getting all of her immediate and extended family members involved because they were already in town for the wedding. They all reached out to her to persuade her to change her mind. Eventually, she said that she would still be a bridesmaid on the condition that she wear shorts underneath the dress.

Infusorian – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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