Her Sister Thinks Her Fiancé Is The “Perfect Guy” And Seems To Want Him, Even Though She’s Married

millaf - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever had a friend or relative romantically set you up with their close friend and then become weirdly possessive over them after the fact?

One woman is unsure what to do after her sister, who set her up with one of her former best friends, has been making weird comments about wanting to be with him.

She’s 22, and her sister, Delilah, is 25. During high school, Delilah was best friends with a guy named Alan. 

Alan had a big crush on Delilah during their high school years, but she wasn’t interested and dated other guys instead. While they always remained ‘just friends,’ the two had a few steamy moments, like when they kissed at a party during truth or dare. However, they never ended up together, and Alan got over his crush.

Years after Delilah and Alan graduated from high school, she met Alan for the first time. Over two years, she met him several times, and they began forming a connection. However, Alan was with someone at the time, so nothing happened.

Then, Delilah started stepping in and set the two of them up while Alan was breaking up with his girlfriend. By the time he was out of that relationship, she had begun dating him, under the impression that Delilah was totally cool with it.

Eventually, Delilah started dating the man who’s currently her husband, Chuck. Not long after setting up her and Alan, she started crossing some boundaries. Once, she told Alan that she actually did have a crush on him in high school but didn’t want to follow through with it.

Delilah also began complaining to Alan, upset that they never got to hang out alone anymore.

“Then she described her ‘perfect’ guy to me and Alan, and it was a spot-on description of him,” she said.

millaf – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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