Here’s How To Tell If Your Louis Vuitton Bag Is Truly The Real Deal Or Actually Just A Fake

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Some of the most beloved designer brand handbags are Louis Vuitton bags. So many girly girls out there believe their wardrobe will never be complete until they can get some kind of Louis Vuitton purse.

Whether it’s the famous ‘Speedy,’ popular ‘Keepall,’ or chic ‘Alma,’ Louis Vuitton bags are fun, versatile, and cherished by so many fashion lovers. However, like all designer handbags, they come at a price, and some people save for years to get one.

Therefore, Louis Vuitton has become one of the most popular brands of ‘duped’ or counterfeited bags. You can walk through almost any major city, especially New York, and find fake or knock-off renditions of Louis Vuitton bags.

While most fake bags you find on the street are easy to spot and obviously fake, some counterfeit bags are made so well that telling the difference between them and the real deal is difficult.

If you’ve found what you hope is a Louis Vuitton handbag being sold somewhere and you want to know for sure if it’s real or fake, here are some ways to figure that out.

First, the logo is the most obvious giveaway of fake Louis Vuitton bags. Many people are interested in buying Louis Vuitton bags with the famous original monogram pattern, which contains the iconic ‘LV’ symbol, along with a four-petal flower and a four-petal flower inside a diamond.

First, pay attention to the ‘LV.’ The right side of the V should be thinner than the left, and the base of the L should be thinner than the upright side. While this may seem like a nit-picky detail, it’s important to distinguish the bag from being fake or real.

Next, you should look and see how the three symbols in the monogram are printed on the bag. Real Louis Vuitton bags have this pattern printed in a repeating diagonal sequence. So, the diagonal pattern will always be the LV, followed by the four-petal flower, the flower circle, the four-petal flower, and finally, the LV again.

If the bag doesn’t have that pattern across it, it’s probably fake.

tongpatong – – illustrative purposes only

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