Hermit Crabs Are Interesting, Low-Maintenance Pets That Bring A Touch Of The Ocean Into Your Home

Ralf Lehmann - - illustrative purposes only

Are you looking for an interesting, low-maintenance pet that brings a touch of the ocean into your home?

Hermit crabs may be just what you’re looking for! These fascinating crustaceans are fun to observe and relatively easy to care for, which means they’re ideal for both new and seasoned pet owners.

Before getting a hermit crab, here’s what you should know about their behaviors and care requirements in order to make the animal feel at home and maintain its health.

If you take proper care of your hermit crab, it can be your companion for years to come. Read on to discover how a hermit crab will make the perfect addition to your household!

First of all, not all hermit crabs live in the ocean. There are land hermit crabs, too. Land hermit crabs are the most common type of pet.

They come from warm, tropical climates and live near the shoreline, where they have easy access to water.

Moisture, humidity, and temperature are very important factors to consider as you build a habitat for your pet.


Hermit crabs are actually social creatures and are best kept in groups. House them in a glass or plastic 10-gallon tank.

Ralf Lehmann – – illustrative purposes only

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