He’s Divorcing His Wife After He Caught Her Lying About How Many Times She Was Married Before Him

He went back to his wife with more evidence that she lied again to him about how many times she was previously married, and she instantly got defensive.

She tried to laugh it off and say she was young, and she also mentioned that nothing was preventing him from digging into her past.

How many times she was married before him is hardly the only thing she has lied to him about, and it’s so bad he could write a book.

Another example of something his wife lied about was a photo hanging on their wall. His wife said it was her sister, and since she has two, he asked her which sister was in the photo.

This caused his wife to freak out on him, and she tore every photo off the wall and tossed them in the trash.

Several days after her rage about the photo, she confessed that the photo in question wasn’t of her sister but of her.

She also told him that she looked way too different in the photo, so she was concerned he wouldn’t want to be with her anymore if she still looked like that, which made no sense to him.

But anyway, he informed his wife he wants a divorce after the marriage incident, and she didn’t believe him.

He ended up bringing home some divorce papers to sign to prove to her he wasn’t kidding, but she will not sign the photos.

Then, his wife stole the papers, which he had to go to the courthouse to get in the first place and spend two hours completing, and she wants to talk before giving the papers back to him.

As for why he wants a divorce, he feels like his wife is a stranger, someone he clearly does not know.

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