He’s Furious That His Girlfriend Said He Was Excluded From Her Sister’s Wedding Because He’d Get Judged By The Rest Of The Guests For Not Being As Educated

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This 24-year-old man and his girlfriend, who is also 24, met through mutual friends and have been in a relationship for the last three years. His girlfriend has a close bond with her family, so she has invited him to dinner with her family a lot. Her family is incredibly wealthy and pompous, and he thinks they’re similar to rich movie characters.

His girlfriend’s father is the CEO of a multinational company, her mother is a doctor, and her 26-year-old sister has a job in finance. Her sister is well-educated and got her Master’s from Harvard. Plus, her sister met her now-fiancé while attending Harvard, and he’s a lawyer. His girlfriend is currently working on her PhD.

On the other hand, he’s a normal guy with a normal job at a relatively small company, and he wouldn’t describe himself as the most intelligent man out there. His family is also fairly ordinary, but his girlfriend adores them because they’re ten times more content and kind than her family.

Whenever he goes to dinner with his girlfriend, the get-togethers are relaxed, but the discussions revolve around current events. While they don’t talk about more publicized situations like the situation in Palestine, they talk about topics that he’s not well-versed in.

“The conversation centers around the impending financial slowdown and regression in China, farmers protests somewhere I don’t even know, and how the stock markets are performing,” he said.

Her family also discusses politics and political policy in-depth and what these policies mean for the country rather than discussing upcoming elections. During every dinner, he feels like he’s watching the news.

Unfortunately, since he’s not current on these topics, he can’t chime in during these discussions, so he normally sits quietly. When someone asks him for his viewpoint, it’s uncomfortable because he doesn’t know enough to weigh in.

However, they’ve never condescended him, been angry with him, or made him feel like he’s not welcome. He hasn’t had an awful time during these dinners by any means. His girlfriend is always attentive and checking in to ask if he’s having him or if he wants to head out.

The most welcoming of his girlfriend’s family members has been her sister, who constantly told him that once he started dating his girlfriend, he was essentially part of their family already. Her fiancé doesn’t like him, though, and usually gives him the cold shoulder.

220 Selfmade studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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