He’s Furious That His Girlfriend Said He Was Excluded From Her Sister’s Wedding Because He’d Get Judged By The Rest Of The Guests For Not Being As Educated

Her sister’s wedding is in two weeks, and he thought he’d be invited since he sees his girlfriend’s sister two or three times a month for get-togethers.

Plus, he gets along well with her. But his girlfriend’s sister recently asked him during a family gathering if he would be okay not attending the wedding.

“I was pretty confused as to why she didn’t want me there, to which she said that it’s a small wedding, and the people there might be really judgmental of me,” he explained.

He interpreted this to mean that wedding guests would think less of him because he doesn’t have a Master’s degree or know about current events in China.

When he turned to see his girlfriend’s reaction, he was stunned to see that she was in agreement with her sister.

His girlfriend added that he would feel awkward at the wedding, especially because he wouldn’t know any of the guests, and she couldn’t hang out with him for the entire wedding. Because of this, his girlfriend thought it made sense for him not to attend.

“I got mad at her because I expected her to take my side. She said it’s not her fault and that it’s her sister’s and brother-in-law’s call,” he shared.

According to his girlfriend, he shouldn’t be angry with her since it wasn’t her decision about whether he attended her sister’s wedding. Their conversation escalated into a fight, and his girlfriend told him she understood why her sister didn’t invite him.

Her words deeply upset him, so he walked out of the place they shared and had been staying with his parents. Later, his girlfriend called him and said he was being a jerk.

What would you do if you were in his shoes?

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