He’s Thinking Of Breaking Up With His Fiancée Because He Has Terminal Cancer

Reda - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

For more than a decade now, this 33-year-old man has struggled with cancer. He was first diagnosed at the age of 20, and even back then, the doctors told him that he had several bad tumors, which meant he was terminal.

Miraculously, he has lived until now, and he knows he is living on “borrowed time.” He spends every single day like it may be the last one that he has, as that’s his reality.

He’s lived a full life since his diagnosis, too, and he has made sure to spend his time doing every single thing his heart desires.

“I’ve eaten good food, skydived, rode motorcycles and horses, collected hobbies and skills, read books, watched movies, laughed, I did everything I could to enjoy every minute,” he explained.

“I know one day I’ll run out of them. A little over six years ago, I met a woman whom I love (F26). She’s brilliant, hilarious, her smile is infectious; I want to spend all of my minutes around her.”

“Somewhere along the lines, things started to change for me. I went from living life one day at a time to planning for a future. Things I never really thought I’d get. I started pursuing career options, and I’ve helped support her through college. We got engaged, and we are planning a fancy wedding. Talking about houses and kids. All these future things that I can’t do today.”

Back in December, he went in for a cancer screening, which revealed that he had a small tumor that was removed and diagnosed as Carcinoma of Unknown Primary Origin.

What this essentially means is that somewhere within his body, there is another scary tumor. Two oncologists have proposed treatment plans for him, but they are drastically different.

The single thing these oncologists agree on is that it seems his time is finally up.

Reda – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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