He’s Thinking Of Breaking Up With His Fiancée Because He Has Terminal Cancer

This terrifying news has left him wondering if he should break up with his fiancée, even though he loves her with every fiber of his being.

That being said, he believes it’s too selfish to remain with her, especially as his time on Earth is coming to an end.

“It feels like I’m robbing her of that future we wanted. The one we’ve been planning so hard,” he said.

“She’s never really experienced loss; she hasn’t seen what cancer does to someone. She is young and wonderful and could start over and be so happy. Dragging her through all of this might break her down. I’ve never been scared of dying, but I’m so scared of ruining her.”

His fiancée is already saying she can drop out of college and find a job to help support them financially as he undergoes his next steps with his diagnosis.

His fiancée also has mentioned canceling their large and elaborate wedding in favor of a tiny backyard bash so they can quickly get married before he starts his journey.

She also knows the money they saved is going to quickly disappear. Their dream wedding, their jobs, their home, the kids they imagined; it’s all vanishing before his very eyes.

“I just feel so selfish. I started wanting a future. I started wanting things I could never have,” he continued.

“Now I’m afraid that I’m going to take those things away from the person I love most. I have always known that I wouldn’t live a long time.”

“Today, my only regret is bringing someone else into it this far. Do I let her walk away from her dreams? Is it easier for her if I just end things now before we get any further? I’m so lost.”

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