His Best Friend Just Passed Away, And He Feels Like He Needs To Keep His Affair A Secret From His Grieving Girlfriend

Apparently, Matt and Jenna had actually been seeing each other in secret, even though Matt had been dating his girlfriend, Emily, ever since high school.

So, his friend Jenna is absolutely devastated after losing both a close friend and a romantic partner.

“And now, here’s where I’m stuck. Emily’s grieving the guy she thought was loyal to her, and she has no idea about the affair,” he revealed.

The secret has begun to eat him alive, too. On the one hand, he realizes that Jenna is a total mess right now following Matt’s death. However, the truth is really weighing on his mind, and he’s not sure if he should expose the affair or remain loyal to his friends.

After thinking it over, he decided that he didn’t really want to tell Emily that Matt was actually cheating on her before he passed away. Still, he can’t help but wonder if that makes him a real jerk or not.

How would you feel following so many losses of close friends? If you were Matt’s girlfriend, would you want to know about the cheating? Or do you think keeping the secret to himself is the right thing to do? 

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