His Dad Asked To Borrow Money To Pay For His Stepdaughter’s Birthday Presents, But He Said No

To this day, his dad has hardships with money, and through the years, he even had to pitch in to purchase gifts for his sisters on their birthdays or for Christmas to make up for what his dad lacked.

His dad eventually found out about this, even though he made sure to give his sisters the gifts when they were at home with him and their mom.

“And last week, he asked me to let him borrow some money for his stepdaughter’s birthday, which was 2 days ago,” he said.

“I told him no. He texted me about 40 times asking for the money and saying he would pay me back [on] March 15th. I said no again. I ignored the rest of the texts that came through.”

“The day of his stepdaughter’s birthday, he called and texted me a bunch and told me how upset she was to get no gifts and how [terrible] I should feel when I have made sure my sisters never feel that way and wouldn’t do the same for a stepsibling. His wife also texted me, saying I should be more compassionate.”

He’s left wondering if it was wrong of him to decline to lend his dad money to help pay for her stepdaughter’s gifts.

What do you think?

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