His Daughter’s Been Suffering From Hair Loss Caused By Medical Issues, So He Allowed Her To Shave Her Head, And His Ex-Wife’s Furious

At that point, he replied by asking whether any of the kids at school had been giving their daughter a problem. This forced his ex-wife to admit that no one had been bullying the teen.

Nonetheless, his ex still claimed that kids could be “cruel,” so their daughter “could” get bullied. Then, she continued to berate him for letting their daughter “go out like that.”

He didn’t appreciate that, either, which is why he told his wife that he’d be happy to buy their daughter some wigs if her shaved head was that bothersome.

He also pointed out how it was his daughter’s idea to cut her hair. After all, she was sick of stressing herself out over all the hair loss.

Well, his ex-wife still wouldn’t back down and told him that he could have stopped the teen. On top of that, his ex said that they had Easter family portraits coming up in one month and was upset that family members would see the photos with their daughter’s shaved head.

“So I responded, ‘It seems like you care more about the photos than your daughter’s happiness. She looks beautiful regardless of whether she has hair or not. What if our daughter heard you say that stuff?” he recalled.

After that, he just decided to ignore his ex-wife’s text messages. Still, with his ex so bent out of shape over this, he’s now wondering if allowing his daughter to shave her head was really the wrong thing to do.

Do you think he did the right thing by supporting his daughter’s decision? Does it sound like his ex-wife’s priorities are out of order? How would you have handled this situation? 

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