His Future Sister-In-Law Picked On His Girlfriend And Made Her Cry At Dinner, So He Kicked Her Out Of His House

This seemed unnecessary to him, especially because no one at the dinner table was of Asian descent, so he couldn’t understand why Laura would bother Kelly about that.

Kelly became upset, and Laura continued picking on her. At one point, Laura tried tasting some of Kelly’s ramen to “prove her point.”

“Kelly freaked out since she really doesn’t like sharing food that’s already on her plate,” he explained.

“This resulted in an argument between Kelly and Laura. [Then], Kelly cried due to her being overwhelmed. After this, I asked my brother and Laura to leave. My parents were absolutely terrified over how Laura behaved towards Kelly and hinted that Laura should apologize.”

Later, he got a call from Kevin, who revealed that he planned to announce the news that Laura was pregnant that night, and he was furious at him for “spoiling it” by kicking them out.

Should he feel bad for spoiling the pregnancy reveal, or was Laura’s behavior unacceptable?

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