His Girlfriend Keeps Complaining About Losing Whenever They Play Games And Thinks He Should Just Let Her Win, But He Refuses Because She’s “Not A Child”

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This man is currently in a relationship, and his girlfriend absolutely loves to play both board games and video games on their Nintendo Switch with him.

“Most of these games are just luck anyway with no skill needed,” he explained, “But some of them, you actually need skill.”

This is unfortunate for him, too, since he’s been playing these games for much longer than his girlfriend. So, he is much better and tends to win whenever they play together.

He clarified that he doesn’t win every single time. Sometimes, his girlfriend comes out on top. Regardless, he definitely wins more often, and it’s really starting to tick his girlfriend off.

He has tried talking to her about trying out some new games to even the playing field, too, or even just not playing at all if she’s going to have such a sour reaction to losing. Still, she refuses to switch games or give up and just continues complaining.

In fact, his girlfriend claimed it was horrible having to watch him win so much and claimed that he could just let her win sometimes.

“But I mentioned that she’s not a child, and me letting her win would be obvious, so it wouldn’t really change anything,” he recalled.

“I also pointed out how a lot of games are just luck anyway, so I can’t really do anything with that.”

Regardless, his girlfriend continued whining about losing and saying she didn’t want to find a new game or stop playing. She also believes that he should be fine with letting her win because he should want to enjoy playing with her.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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