His Parents Expect Him To Do More Work At Home So They Can Foster His Special Needs Cousin

arballo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you’re the older sibling of a kid with special needs, you sometimes have to step up and help your parents care for them. However, over time, that can become quite stressful.

One teenager is feeling stressed out after his parents, who already have two special needs children, are expecting him to do more work for their home and siblings so they can foster his younger cousin, who also has special needs.

He’s 16-years-old and the oldest of four kids. Two of his siblings, Harry and Jaz, have autism and are developmentally delayed. Because of this, they’ve always required special attention and need to go to a private school.

He has another younger sister, Aimee, who’s 8-years-old. Because his parents work full time, they spend most of their time off with Harry and Jaz, so he finds himself responsible for caring for Aimee and doing many chores every day.

“I take care of her every day after school until our parents come home,” he said.

“That includes cooking and deep cleaning the kitchen after I finish making food for us so my parents can cook for Jaz and Harry and not risk any issues with the food because both [of them] have highly sensitive taste buds and limited diets.”

Whenever Harry and Jaz are at therapy or an appointment, his parents focus solely on Aimee. He hardly ever has his parents’ attention and has been taking on their responsibilities since he was 11. 

Now, his household is about to get more crowded. 

Recently, his aunt and uncle passed away, leaving behind his young cousin, who also has autism. His cousin was placed in foster care and is having an incredibly difficult time, so his parents are determined to adopt him and bring him to their home.

arballo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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