His Roommate Revealed He Spits In His Food When He’s Angry With Him

Matteo - - illustrative purposes only

I have heard so many horror stories about roommates in my day, especially as someone who lives in a big city. However, I’ve never heard a roommate story quite as gross as this one.

One man recently kicked his roommate out of his apartment and threw his belongings in the trash after he revealed that he spits in his food anytime he gets angry with him.

He’s 24 and has shared an apartment with his 25-year-old roommate, Andrew. He and Andrew found the apartment through a mutual friend. While they’re roommates, his is the only name on the lease, and he and Andrew signed no formal contract upon moving in together.

Andrew would simply Venmo him his share of the rent and utilities, and it was a system that worked out for a while. He and Andrew are very different regarding their cleaning habits. He’s much more tidy, while Andrew is very messy. 

However, despite that, they hardly ever had any major conflicts as roommates. Until recently, that is.

“We were having dinner with some friends, and we were drinking, chilling, and having fun,” he recalled.

“One of our mutual friends made a joke about me being very tidy and Andrew being very chaotic [regarding] our rooms, cleaning habits and stuff like that.”

“Our friend asked us if that was a problem for us. For some reason, Andrew decided to mention that whenever I’d get ‘too annoying’ about cleaning the apartment or whatever, instead of fighting, he would go and spit on my food.”

At first, the table laughed, thinking Andrew was only joking. But then, Andrew got up from the table, wandered over to their fridge, and demonstrated how easily he gets revenge on him by opening one of his meal prep containers, spitting in it, and putting it back in the fridge.

Matteo – – illustrative purposes only

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