His Wealthy Father Gave Him $250,000 To Put Toward His Mortgage, So Now He Wants To Keep The $1,200 He And His Wife Would Be Saving Each Month For Himself Instead Of Splitting The Profit With Her

With his dad’s money entering the picture, though, he actually believes that he should get to keep the full $1,200 in savings each month for himself.

His wife, on the other hand, believes that they should just share the profile equally.

“By putting $600 towards bills she pays, and I only keep $600 for myself,” he detailed.

However, he honestly doesn’t want to do that after paying off half their mortgage with his inheritance.

So now, he has been left wondering if keeping the full $1,200 in profit each month while leaving his wife to continue paying the same expenses she’s been paying all along would really be a jerky thing to do or not.

Do you think he should get to keep the extra money, or should the funds be split between him and his wife? How would you feel if your spouse wanted to keep an extra $1,200 each month for themselves? What would you do in his shoes?

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