If Neutrals Are Your Go-To Comfort Hue, Here Are Some Neutral Outfit Ideas That Will Still Elevate Your Day-To-Day Style

Pair them with bold outerwear

If you’re stressed about your neutral outfit looking too bland, the fastest way to spice it up is to wear a colorful piece of outerwear. Grab a jacket, cardigan, coat, or hoodie in a bold color and pop it over your neutral outfit to pull everything together.

Plus, this kind of outfit is great if you have a specific piece of bright outerwear you’ve been wanting to show off.

Look for patterns

Having a few patterned, neutral pieces in your closet is a great idea. You can get a neutral-colored shirt with stripes, polka dots, or maybe a neutral plaid jacket. Having these kinds of clothes around is a way to have more visually interesting pieces that aren’t in bright, flashy colors.

Although these pieces are patterned, when they’re neutral, they’re still versatile, making them easy to pair with a simple skirt or pair of jeans.

When in doubt, accessorize

Like colorful outerwear, fun accessories are a quick and easy way to dress up and elevate your neutral outfits.

There’s nothing like a statement necklace (check out our article on wearing statement necklaces here), a fun pair of earrings, or a wrist full of eye-catching bracelets to add some depth and sparkle to your most neutral looks.

Jewelry isn’t the only kind of accessory used to elevate neutral outfits. You can also experiment with hats, big bags, belts, etc. 

Again, neutral does not equal boring. There’s no shame in loving neutral colors and wearing them, as long as you know how to dress them up!

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