If You Love A Good Graphic Tee, These Are All The Ways You Can Style This Wardrobe Staple To Elevate Your Whole Look

Wear them with a maxi skirt

People often underestimate just how fun it is to wear a tee shirt with a skirt. It may not sound like a tee shirt and a long, flowy maxi skirt go together, but they do! Don’t be afraid to pair your favorite long, floral, or plain skirt with a graphic tee shirt.

As long as the colors complement each other, it’s a great combo. This is a sweet way to make your tee shirt look a bit more feminine and whimsical.

Sport them cropped with wide-leg pants

If you have cropped tee shirts, they’ll look great with wide-leg jeans or trousers. It adds some dimension to your look and mixes things up a bit.

If you have a tee shirt that you don’t want to cut but want to wear in a cropped style, you can fold the shirt up and tuck the bottom of the hem into your bra. You can also tie the tee shirt with a hair tie and tuck it in behind you. 

Pair them with bike shorts

So many people have been copying one of Princess Diana’s most famous streetwear looks, which is an oversized sweatshirt with bike shorts and sneakers. You can also copy this iconic look with an oversized tee shirt.

If there’s a shirt in your collection you love, that’s a little too big to wear all the time, pairing it with bike shorts makes an outfit with a fun contrast that’s perfect for running errands or working out.

Now, you should have some easy outfit ideas that give you the excuse to wear your most beloved graphic tees. Get out there and show them off!

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