In 2006, Three Tight-Knit Toronto Teens Vanished After A Fellow Friend Was Found Murdered 5 Days Prior: Neither The Disappearances Nor The Murder Has Ever Been Solved

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On August 14, 2006, three tight-knit Toronto teenagers with no money or vehicle seemingly vanished into thin air just days after a fellow friend was found dead.

Yee Wah “Eva” Ho, Jacki Li, and Kevin Lim were all seventeen-years-old and a part of the same friend group at the time of their disappearance.

In fact, just five days prior, one of the teens’ friends– seventeen-year-old Phillip Ho Sing Sit– was found murdered in a rural area of King Township after being missing for nearly a year.

According to Detective Shona Patterson of the Toronto Homicide and Missing Persons Unit, some uncharacteristic behavior really started the day before Eva, Jacki, and Kevin went missing– on August 13, 2006.

That Sunday, Eva had plans to meet her best friend at the Eaton Center– a shopping mall– in downtown Toronto. But she never showed up.

“Which was completely unlike her. Normally she would have [made] some contact; she was a very social young girl, always in contact with her friends. But she just didn’t show up,” Patterson said.

Then, the next day– Monday, August 14– Eva reportedly left her home address at about 7:30 p.m. She was never seen again.

It was revealed that Eva and Jacki were romantically involved. The couple met while attending high school together at George Harvey Collegiate Institute and had been dating for two years.

Kevin also happened to be Jacki’s best friend. So, the three teens hung out all the time and were “attached at the hip,” according to Patterson.

Javen – – illustrative purposes only

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