It’s Time To Let Go If Your Relationship Has Become One-Sided And Your Partner Simply Refuses To Change: Here’s How

Do not, under any circumstances, beat yourself up for not getting your partner to change. You should give yourself a pat on the back for trying and focus on practicing self-love.

Speaking of self-love, you’ll want to give yourself a lot of it around this time. Pay attention to yourself and what you need after breaking things off with your stubborn partner.

Have you been meaning to change your hair or organize your home in the last few weeks? Do it. Haven’t gotten a pedicure or drinks with friends in weeks? Go out and have some fun. Now is the time to focus on you!

Finally, you must set boundaries. Often, when you tell a stubborn partner that you’re breaking up with them because they haven’t changed, they start begging you to reconsider and “promise” you they’ll get their act together. Then, you take them back, they don’t change, and the vicious cycle starts over.

You must set boundaries with your partner. If they tell you they’re going to change as a way to convince you not to break up with them, tell them that’s great, but they’re not going to “change” on your time. You won’t sit around and waste your time while they make improvements.

I’m so sorry if you’ve been feeling like you’re with a partner who is stuck in their ways. Remember that you deserve better, and do what you need to do to free yourself from this rut!

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