Known As The Rainbow Squirrel, This Rodent Species Is Native To India And Sports Fur With A Vibrant Mix Of Orange, Purple, And Maroon Hues

In 2016, a census found that the squirrels had actually experienced an eight percent increase in their population within the districts of Pune and Thane in India.

It is unclear why the rodents boast such bright hues. They are made up of several patches of color. Their stomach and arms are creamy beige, while the rest of their bodies are orange, purple, and red.

The pretty pigments are visually appealing for nature photographers, but aren’t they a liability that gives the squirrels away to predators?

A possible explanation for the vivid shades of the Indian giant squirrel is that they help the animal blend in with the contrasting colors of the forests it lives in. The markings can act as a sort of camouflage, producing the effect of sunlight on dark, shaded areas.

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