Marie Kondo’s Famous “KonMari Method” Helps People Tidy Up Their Lives, So Here’s How You Can Use This Technique To Take Back Control Of Your Closet

This is done to strip your closet down to its bare bones so you can sort things out and start fresh. Plus, it’s also like exposure therapy, and after looking at your pile of clothes, you’ll likely realize you had more than you thought.

Figure out what does and doesn’t “spark joy”

One of Marie Kondo’s most famous phrases is that you have to hold onto things that “spark joy.” What does that mean? You should only keep things that give you a tingly, happy feeling inside. We all know there are certain shirts or dresses we can’t live without and would be devastated to lose.

When you pick up an item of clothing, take a moment to focus on how you feel and ask yourself, “Does it spark joy?” Do you feel happy when you see it, or does it not do anything for you? If your answer is the latter, it’s time to let that piece of clothing go.

However, before you toss that clothing, give it a little squeeze and “thank” it for serving a purpose in your life. We should be more thankful for the clothes we’re able to put on our backs. Put discarded clothing into one pile for donating or throwing away, and put the clothes you’ll keep into a separate pile.

Organize away

Once you’ve finalized your wardrobe and held onto the clothes you want, it’s time to organize. Marie Kondo has said that every item you own, no matter how big or small, should have a designated place. Therefore, random things shouldn’t be floating around in your closet. You must be strategic. 

Place each item of clothing in a designated section of your closet. Folded clothes should have their own shelves and drawers, and shoes should be on a designated rack or floor space. Smaller items like accessories and jewelry should have a home, too. If you run out of shelf or hanging space, purchase containers to keep things in.

This really is the golden rule to follow with the KonMari organizing method – everything needs a ‘home.’ Once everything in your closet has a designated space to return to, routine tidying will be much easier.

Just like that, you’re off to the races and bringing some elements of the KonMari method into your home! I promise once you try it, you’ll feel a lot of that sparked joy in your space.

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