Metallic Garments Aren’t Just For Halloween Costumes: Here’s How To Style These Statement Pieces And Incorporate Them Into Your Everyday Wardrobe

You can pair a flowy metallic skirt with a camisole and sandals during warmer days, a tee shirt and a blazer, or even a cozy knit sweater and some booties on a colder day.

Metallic tops or jackets look great with more casual pieces like your favorite pair of jeans and some boots or sneakers. It’s a way of standing out without looking too formal.

Metallic pants can seem a little more difficult to style but are nothing to be afraid of. Pair them with your favorite neutral sweater or denim jacket to dress them down a bit and add some nice contrast to your look.

There you have it: some easy tips for rocking some metallic clothes this year! Next time you’re out clothing shopping, don’t shy away from a little extra shine.

Yes, wearing metallic clothes tends to be an attention grabber, but when styled correctly, they’re attention grabbers in a good way. When was the last time you wore some metallic clothes?

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