She Ate Her Husband’s Leftover Cheeseburger After He Let Their Kids Eat Most Of Her Lunch, But He Still Called Her Rude

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Have you ever gotten into an intense fight with your partner over something as silly as someone eating the other person’s food?

One woman recently got into a fight with her husband after she ate some of his leftover takeout food when he and his kids left her hardly anything to eat.

She and her husband have three kids. On a recent Saturday, their family had a lot going on, and she sent her husband and the kids to run errands and pick up McDonald’s on the way home while she did housework.

Before her husband left, she asked him to get her a 10-piece chicken nugget meal with a medium order of fries.

While her husband was still in the car, their kids said they were still hungry and asked him if they could eat some of her food.

Her husband said yes since she doesn’t always finish her food. However, her kids didn’t take a little bit of food; they ate most of it and left her with four chicken nuggets and about 1/4th of a container of fries.

“My husband has this habit of buying himself three extra cheeseburgers when he goes to McDonald’s so that he can eat them for breakfast the next day,” she explained.

“He puts them in the waffle iron to reheat them. He swears it’s his favorite breakfast [because] he’s a weirdo.”

“Knowing he had already eaten his full McDonald’s lunch and still had those cheeseburgers, I asked him for one so I could have a full lunch. He said no because he needs them for breakfast.”

bbivirys – – illustrative purposes only

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