She Called Her Twin Sister A Thief After Her Sister Tried To Shoplift A Pair Of $40 Pants And Got Them Both In Trouble With The Police

“It was just embarrassing because there was a police officer walking in front of us and behind us. Then we had to sit in a real police car– that was pretty cool but still not fun– and when I looked over at my sister, she did not show any regret,” she revealed.

Rather, when she made eye contact with her twin, it looked as though her sister was just laughing and smiling!

That’s why she is now really upset with her sister. She was just trying to spend a fun day together, but her sister ruined it. Not only did she get in trouble, but the police also apparently entered her name into “some system.”

So, while she was ticked off, she called her sister a “thief” under her breath a few times. This really annoyed her sister, too, and her sister even wound up telling her parents– who actually told her to knock it off.

She claimed that her parents told her to stop because her sister “really regrets” shoplifting from the store.

“But [I think] she just regrets getting caught,” she vented.

Still, with her sister now upset with her, she’s been left wondering if calling her sister a thief after the shoplifting incident was really so unreasonable or not.

How would you feel if your sister got you in trouble like that? Did she have a right to call her sister a thief? Would you have reacted differently in this situation?

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