She Called Her Wife’s Handmade Birthday Present “Cheap” And Said She Expected Something More, And Her Wife Hasn’t Slept At Home Ever Since

progressman - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old woman is currently married to her wife, Emily, who is also 25, and they always do something extravagant and expensive for each other’s birthdays.

“We eat at fancy restaurants or go on small trips and a bunch of other stuff– sometimes ending our day with over $500 spent,” she said.

So, since her birthday was only a couple of days ago, she was really excited to see what her wife had in store for her big day.

On the morning of her birthday, they both woke up, and her wife said, “Happy birthday” to her. Yet, to her surprise, absolutely nothing else happened throughout the rest of the day.

“I waited all day, thinking maybe Emily had dinner planned,” she recalled.

However, once dinner rolled around, they still didn’t go out. Instead, her wife cooked her favorite meal before putting a large gift box right in front of her after dinner.

At that point, she got excited to open her gift, and Emily claimed to have spent a long time working on it.

Still, she wasn’t prepared for what was inside the box. Apparently, her gift was 10 different jars– all filled with hand-made paper stars.

“Emily told me that every 100 stars was a wish, and she spent all month making them,” she explained.

progressman – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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