She Flipped Out On Her Husband And Made A Kid Cry After Her Husband Let The Kid Borrow Her Son’s Brand New $2,000 Dirt Bike And Wrecked It

DimaBerlin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s 13-year-old son has been begging for a dirt bike for at least three years. This year, she had enough money to purchase one for him.

Two months ago, she ordered it without telling him ahead of time so it would be a surprise when it was delivered. It arrived a little over a week ago and was nearly $2,000.

Right after she ordered the dirt bike, she told her husband (her son’s stepfather) directly that no one besides her son was allowed to touch the dirt bike.

She said this because her husband’s friend is their next-door neighbor and has six sons (from 7 to 16-years-old). At the time, he agreed to this rule.

After school, on the day the dirt bike arrived, her son came home, and when he saw the bike, he was so thrilled he burst into tears.

He started riding it right away, and she went inside to do the dishes and make dinner. Her husband stayed outside while her son tested out his dirt bike.

Only 45 minutes later, her son came inside in hysterics; he slammed doors and was sobbing, so she asked him what was wrong.

“He tells me my husband’s friend’s 10-year-old crashed the dirt bike, ripped off the front tire, and bent the handlebar back. He tried to hit a jump, chickened out, and bailed on the bike after revving it full throttle, so the bike slammed off a tree,” she said.

Luckily, the boy was not hurt during the incident. Once he relayed the story, her son went into his bedroom and slammed the door behind him. She opened the door and stepped inside his room, talking to him until he was settled down enough to explain more details.

DimaBerlin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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