She Flipped Out On Her Husband And Made A Kid Cry After Her Husband Let The Kid Borrow Her Son’s Brand New $2,000 Dirt Bike And Wrecked It

“My son tells me that my husband told him, ‘This stuff happens sometimes. You live and learn. Some stuff gets broken. It’s not a big deal,’ and it was HIM who told my son to share the dirt bike,” she explained.

Understandably furious on behalf of her son, she put her shoes on and marched outside, where her husband and his friend were standing by the destroyed dirt bike. She asked them who would be footing the bill for the bike repair costs.

His friend was silent, but her husband responded that nobody had the money for the repairs, so they’d have to wait until someone saved up enough money.

She snapped, calling her husband a moron for disobeying what they agreed to months ago, adding that he shouldn’t have pressured her son to allow someone else to ride his dirt bike.

“I said, ‘That kid had no business touching son’s stuff to begin with. Neither of you forked over a dime toward the cost, so it’s pretty brazen of you to make decisions about it,'” she shared.

Her husband claimed he hadn’t remembered they agreed not to allow anyone to touch her son’s dirt bike, arguing that her son could have refused to allow the boy to ride it. During the prior conversation with her son, she knew her son didn’t want to share the bike.

While arguing, she heard someone sobbing behind her, and when she turned around, she saw the 10-year-old boy sobbing hysterically. The entire time, she hadn’t realized the boy was nearby, witnessing the entire confrontation.

She consoled him and assured him that he wasn’t to blame, pointing out that the adults were to blame for allowing him to ride the dirt bike. The boy eventually settled down. However, her husband and his friend said she was crazy.

What would you have done if you were in her shoes?

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