She Found Out Her Husband Had Been Having An Affair With His Female Coworker, So She Teamed Up With His Coworker’s Husband To Gather Evidence And Wound Up Cheating, Too

She and Marcos each chose to file for divorce without informing Bautista or Kiara in advance. They did this because they didn’t want to give their spouses the chance to come up with plans before they filed for divorce.

While neither she nor Marcos have filed their divorce papers yet, they plan to shortly. This weekend, Bautista left to visit his parents in the city where he spent his childhood, and he brought their daughter along.

Last night, while Bautista and their daughter were still away on their trip, she invited Marcos to her house for dinner.

In hindsight, this was a stupid mistake on her part, but they hadn’t had a chance to talk lately because they’d both been preoccupied with getting all their ducks in a row before filing for divorce from their spouses.

She and Marcos had a blast together and were drinking a lot of alcohol, so they weren’t in a place to make good judgment. As they talked, they both felt like it was outrageous and a waste of energy to remain faithful to their partners when their partners hadn’t remained faithful to them.

That night, they slept together, and she admitted that it was wonderful. Immediately afterward, she didn’t have any guilt or feel like what they were doing was unethical, but she felt bad the next morning.

On the one hand, she was thrilled to spend time with Marcos and had romantic feelings for him. But on the other hand, she’d always felt sick at the thought of having an affair.

“It’s kind of weird. I don’t know how to feel. A part of me feels like this was a bad choice because we’re acting like them, and that’s not good at all. Two wrongs don’t make a right. But at the same time, when you make the choice to cheat on someone, you’re breaking someone’s trust and betraying them in the worst way possible. And when you do that, the relationship is broken,” she shared.

In her view, once someone has an affair, even after they’re forgiven, the couple can never return to the way their relationship was before the affair. She knew she could never forgive Bautista for cheating on her, and she’d already told him this at the beginning of their relationship, informing him that she would break up with him immediately if he was ever unfaithful.

Upon reflection, her marriage to Bautista was essentially already over once he had an affair with Kiara, even though she hadn’t yet filed the divorce papers.

She clarified that she hadn’t hooked up with Marcos to get revenge on Bautista or to upset him; she’d hooked up with him because she felt like it. In her opinion, it no longer made sense to continue remaining faithful to Bautista when he hadn’t done the same.

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