She Got Fired From Her Job At A Clothing Store After Her Manager Accused Her Of Promoting Her Small Business On Company Grounds

However, her manager overheard her discussing it and accused her of promoting her business on company grounds.

In a follow-up video, Kendal confirmed that she no longer worked at that store after attending the meeting with her now-ex-manager.

She said it was a “mutual decision” and that there were other reasons as to why she needed to leave her job.

“It’s really hard to just stay committed to a job that you don’t necessarily love, especially when you’re trying so hard to work on your business, so it was just a lot, juggling everything. But basically, I don’t work there anymore. It is what it is,” concluded Kendal.

Several TikTok users criticized the retail industry and took Kendal’s side, while others believed that the manager was justified in firing her because she broke company rules.

“As a manager, I respect side hustles (as long as the work is done) get that money,” commented one user.

“FR!! Managers hate that their workers have a second job, but they refuse to increase pay,” wrote another.

“Yes, you gotta be subtle with these things. The store’s reaction by firing you was too much, but you are not completely blameless,” declared a third.

“That’s always a conflict of interest with any business—it’s business. Can’t agree with you on this one,” chimed in someone else.


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