She Kicked Her Friends Out Of Her House After They Brought Their Children

F8 Suport Ukraine - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 35-year-old woman is the only one of her friends who doesn’t have children. She and her husband are happily child-free. Since they don’t have children, their house isn’t necessarily child-friendly.

While it’s not inherently dangerous, they’ve chosen to save up money to spend on pricey furniture they adore and try to keep in good shape. Whenever she and her husband host friends at their house, their friends bring their children, who misbehave.

“It has happened multiple times that kids were jumping on our sofa, sitting on our design table, and creating stains on the walls and floors,” she said.

During the chaos created by her friends’ children, she would look over at her friends to see their reactions, and they would laugh and joke, “Welcome to life with kids,” adding that because it was her house, she had to be the one to express boundaries and rules with their children. It’s unfair for her friends to expect her to draw boundaries with other people’s children, especially considering that she isn’t a parent.

She isn’t accustomed to interacting with children and doesn’t know how to effectively explain boundaries and rules to them. Plus, she doesn’t think she should be obligated to do this when her friends and their children come to her house. She knows it wouldn’t be a good idea to scream at the children and bring them outside, but this is the first thing that comes to her mind when her friends’ children are making a mess of her home.

“Two weeks ago, we invited all our friends over for dinner, and I told them it was ‘adult only’ since I put in a lot of effort to make a lovely four-course dinner (for 12 people),” she explained.

Despite her clarification that no children were allowed, all of their friends (likely without consulting each other) chose to bring their children. It seemed they found showing up with their children humorous because they knew she and her husband weren’t fond of children.

In total, 9 children were at their house for dinner, running all over and destroying their belongings. She was incredibly frustrated because it took her two days to make all the dishes for dinner. Also, she’d hoped for the dinner to be calm and relaxing, but all the guests were gushing over how adorable their children were. It didn’t help that none of their friends cared that their children were causing havoc.

She tried not to let it bother her, but she told her friends several times that they were jerks for not listening to her request for them to leave their children at home. However, her friends didn’t take her seriously and laughed about it.

F8 \ Suport Ukraine – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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