She Kicked Her Friends Out Of Her House After They Brought Their Children

“The day after the dinner, I saw that we had scratches on our new glass table and giant stains on our wooden floor, and a lot of glassware was broken (why don’t you have plastic cups for kids?),” she shared.

After a ton of cleaning, she succeeded in getting out the stains on the floor, but there was nothing she could do about the table scratches.

So, she did her best to come to terms with the damage. This week, a couple of their friends asked if they could come over to borrow some tools from her.

She responded that they were welcome to come over as long as their children didn’t come with them.

Later, when her friends arrived, she answered the door, and their children were in tow and raced inside.

Her friends found this hilarious and began laughing at her visible annoyance. By this point, she couldn’t handle her friends’ disrespectful behavior anymore and asked them to leave and borrow tools from someone else.

Her friends were stunned and called her a jerk, claiming that they’d only be in her house for a few minutes to grab the tools they needed to borrow, and their children wouldn’t be able to destroy anything in that short amount of time.

Even though she knew she was sassy when she snapped at her friends, she doesn’t think she said anything out of line.

What would you have done if you were in her shoes?

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