She Left In The Middle Of A Bachelorette Trip To Italy Because Her Friends Decided To Stay With Strange Men Who Made Her Really Uncomfortable, But Now The Bride Is Angry

Luciano Mortula-LGM - - illustrative purposes only

This 24-year-old woman’s friend, 32, recently got engaged and planned a bachelorette party vacation in Italy.

There were six women on the vacation. Her friend enjoys drinking and going out, while she only goes out drinking on special occasions.

Throughout the vacation, she did her best to drink and socialize with the group. She’s naturally talkative and cheery, and her personality is this way whether she’s drinking or not.

Over the years, she’s explained this to her friend, who gets upset when others in social situations aren’t drinking as much alcohol as she is.

Plus, she’s just physically unable to drink as much as her friend can. However, she’s attempted to party it up during this vacation to appease her friend.

She was hoping for her friend to have a wonderful bachelorette trip, and this was all she wanted.

“We met some young people. They invited us to a party. We went and danced and met more people. The night kept going on longer, and we were very far from our lodgings,” she said.

“These young men with women in their group told us to stay with them for the night. I wasn’t feeling this situation. It felt unsafe, but the group voted, and I was in the minority.”

Everyone in her group was pretty intoxicated, and she was in an awkward spot as the only sober person who was attempting to convince them all to find a taxi so that they could go back to their hotel instead of staying with strangers.

Luciano Mortula-LGM – – illustrative purposes only

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